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Reversal Of The Heart_Commission by GoldenEmotions

Excellent, the detail, the natural shape, and even the way it was designed like the original one! you do have a good eye, and the right picture, and you study your characters, and you defined it realistically! This shows you can go the Distance, and reach your goals, this is an accept of your true potential, and true ways of art, and even the creation of a master piece, it is truly and honor, and you will have many journeys ahead, and your art is a privilege and thank you for letting me see this master piece pleasant journeys now!
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GoldenEmotions Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for those nice words ^^
And even though you seem really amazed already, let's hope my art still get'S a bit better. But... really thanks a lot. I am glad to know it wasn't just my imagination that this came out quiet well. ^^
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